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The Italian translation for SONUS means, sound. Three years ago, we told you that in America it would be used to describe the most advanced car audio facility in the United States. We hold true to our word, and we have set the benchmark for others to follow. We are Sonus Car Audio of Clarksville, and the anti-car audio experience is alive and well. We offer state of the art product, award winning fabrication techniques, and seamless integration for automobiles, marine, even space craft. If you can drive it, we can improve it.

OEM Integration

We’re going to let the cat out of the bag here, and apologize in advance to our competitors. The belief, that in order to have better sound, you must replace your factory installed radio is nothing more than a myth. The truth is, most OEM installed radios now offer features like Bluetooth hands free calling, iPod connectivity and control, and many others. If they don’t have these features installed already, we can add them for you. They also have better than average audio systems compared to vehicles of ten years ago. Sometimes you just want more, and that is okay. We can enhance the connectivity and sound of any existing stereo, while maintaining important features like steering wheel controls, On Star, even factory satellite radio. The point is, you as a client, don’t have to sacrifice anything to gain an extra feature.

Product Selection

For the greater Clarksville and Fort Campbell area, we are proud AUTHORIZED dealers for the products we carry. Authorized means that we have invested in brands that we believe in. We have a relationship with these companies that is built on trust and performance, because these companies stand behind us one hundred and ten percent. Audison, Hertz, FOCAL, Mosconi, JL Audio, Dynaudio, Viper and Sony represent our selection of speakers, amplifiers, in dash navigation and media centers, alarms and remote car starters. The performance, and the style of the aforementioned product ensure that your experience at Sonus exceeds your expectations, no matter how dynamic they may be.

Composite Fabrication

Our design consultants at Sonus Car Audio extend their expertise to help you take your system to the next level. Up until now, you could choose the color of your car. You could decide which wheel you wanted to bolt up. And you had complete creative control in regards to which gigantic carpeted box you wanted taking up your precious cargo space. Sonus utilizes materials that match OEM compliance, fit and finish. Using composite materials such as fiber glass, different grades and finish of plastic, aluminum, and steel. Your vehicle is not made of wood. It is forged out of space age materials to make it fuel efficient, safe, and last a very long time. We didn’t invent our fabrication philosophy, we “borrowed” it from the OEM guys. Your vehicle will be interfaced with in the same manner it was produced; Leathers, carbon fibers, alloys, and polymer plastics that make it next to impossible to tell what’s been added, and what came factory.